Water heater


The water heater is a large tank that normally heats up the water to temperatures. As we use the heated water stored in the tank, cold water enters the tank to replace it and is then heated. The thermostat detects the drop in temperature and turns on the elements to begin heating up the cold water. Electric water heaters have two elements, an upper and a lower one.

How to Install Tank less water Heater
Turn off main incoming water line to house. Disconnect supply line from old water heater. You will probably have some water left in the line even though your main has been shut off. Place a bucket underneath water bib to catch any spills. Once you have completely disconnected the old water heater you must remove it from its current parking space and make sure to dispose of it according to the laws in the area you live in. Remove your new tank less water heater from the carton and place all hardware and instructional material close at hand. Determine the location best suited for this appliance and make sure you have allowed for the proper clearances around it.

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